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University Regulations

University Regulations

University Regulations are all adopted and approved by the Florida State University Board of Trustees. The collection of Florida State University Regulations is the basic governing code of the university and has legal status under the law. They are subject only to the applicable local, state and federal laws.

All new university regulations and any amendment or repeal of existing regulations must be accomplished through the Regulation Development Procedure adopted by the Florida Board of Governors in July of 2005. Prior to this date, Administrative Rules adopted under the Florida Administrative Procedures Act governed, however, Regulations and not Administrative Rules are now the effective provisions to be followed.

The Regulation Development Procedure provides for public notice and opportunity for input prior to adoption of any new regulation or any amendment or repeal of existing Regulations. Final action on any such proposed change is taken at a public meeting of the FSU Board of Trustees. The Office of General Counsel (University Attorney) coordinates the regulation process, however, changes may be proposed by any person or group.

University Regulations are supplemented by University Policies and Procedures, which must be consistent with University Regulations but may provide additional detail in particular areas. Such Policies and Procedures are approved by the appropriate University Vice President and/or the President.

In July of 2005, the Florida Board of Governors approved a new procedure for the adoption, amendment and repealing of university regulations (formerly known as rules) in a Regulation Development Procedure for State University Boards of Trustees (pdf 69.87 kB) (PDF).