Regulations and Policies

General University Governance

  • As provided in a 2002 amendment to the Florida Constitution approved by the people of Florida, “a board of trustees shall administer each public university and a board of governors shall govern the state university system.” Under this authority, the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) established that regulations adopted by the BOG for the entire university system and by the university boards of trustees for individual universities are the basic university “legislation”.  It also established procedures for adoption of BOG and university regulations.
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Regulations versus Policies

  • University Regulations are adopted by the Board of Trustees and are university-wide “laws”. Regulations must be consistent with federal and state law and BOG Regulation. 
  • Policies are adopted by the President or Vice Presidents under the specific executive authorities granted to the President by the FSU Board of Trustees.  Policies generally involve more detailed matters of procedure and matters not specifically addressed in state law or BOG or FSU Regulation.  FSU Policies may not conflict with State and Federal law, BOG Regulation or FSU Regulation.



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