September 28, 2016

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-5.088,Division of Sponsored Research, and,Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-5.0881Sponsored Research Exemptions

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-6.010,Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC)

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-4.001,General Human Resource Policies

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-4.011,Affirmative Action Program

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-4.013,Non-Discrimination Policies and Procedures[renumbered and retitled to FSU-6.014, Non-Discrimination]

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-4.0015,Attendance and Leave, Hours of Work Requirements

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-2.0225,Direct Deposit Program    

Proposed Amendment University Regulation FSU-5.002,Teaching Research and Graduate Assistants

International Cooperative Agreements

International Reciprocal Student Exchange Agreements And Programs

Transferring International Credit from an International Host University   



September 7, 2016

Tuition Differential Expenditure Policy      



August 5, 2016

7A-28 Classified Research and Security Clearance



July 13, 2016

3A-1 Certificates, Specialized Studies, and Minors



June 23, 2016

7A-3 Authorship and Research Integrity

7A-26 Research Data Management Policy

7A-27 FSU Public Access Policy



June 09, 2016

Emergency Regulation FSU-ER15-3 | Student Conduct Code
Emergency Regulation FSU-ER15-4 | Student Organization Conduct Code
FSU-3.004 | Student Conduct Code
FSU-3.0041 | Student Organization Code



June 13, 2016

7A-2 Misconduct in Research, Creative Activity, and Scholarship    



May 20, 2016

FSU-2.024 Tuition and Fees - Continuation of Existing

FSU Policy 3A-XX | Employment Policy for Postdoctoral Scholars with Teaching Assignments

FSU Policy 7-IACUC-1 | Oversight of Animal Use for Teaching, Exhibition and Research



May 11, 2016

FSU-2.025 Direct Support Organizations



April 28, 2016

FSU-6.013 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Florida State University Policy 2-2 - Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy    



April 19, 2016

Florida State University Policy 3A-100 - Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher Policy (AMENDMENT)   



February 15, 2016

Florida State University Policy 3A-100 - Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher Policy



February 02, 2016

FSU-4.001 General Human Resource Policies